WordSpeak Jam Slam

Discover Your True Voice and Conquer Stage Fright


Monthly 7PM - 9PM

WordSpeak Jam Slam is an awesome fun Storytelling, Spoken Word & Public Speaking Performance Workshop! Students learn the art of presenting stories, poems, monologues and speeches in a warm and friendly environment. This is a safe space where you get to make mistakes, be yourself, fumble, stutter and fall, warts and all, without judgment. Just be willing to learn and grow! You will see results very quickly if you keep an open mind and be teachable. With the help of Instructor/Vocal Sensei Carolyn Thompson of Vocal Euphoria, you will improve stage presence and conquer stage fright.

Registration is now OPEN!

IMPORTANT!!! In order for us to reserve the room, it is very important that all student presenters register one week prior to WorkSpeak

Master Class+ Song Instructions
Word Speak

The Workaround 2080 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4C 1J9 (map)

  • Student Performers - $35 each
  • Discount Packages available!
  • This class is for Teens and Adults 13+
  • Limited Spots Available
  • Do I need any experience? Nope.
  • Do I have to be perfect? Heck no!
Master Class+ Song Instructions

Ready to Sign Up?

  1. Complete registration process:
    • You must register here and pay online prior to attending the class
    • No cash at the door, pls
    • Once scheduled, check email for appointment confirmation
  2. Please pay online via email money transfer to payments@vocaleuphoria.com or credit card
  3. IMPORTANT!!! Read confirmation email for preparation/sheet music instructions! (Video Tutorial Below)
  4. Check email for invoice
  5. See you there!
Due to the number of attendees, payments can no longer accepted at the door.

Btw ...You may schedule private one-on-one public speaking lessons to work on your speech and mic technique.

Master Class+ Song Instructions
Master Class+ Song Instructions

Discover your True Talent and Conquer Stage Fright

Master Class+ Song Instructions
Word Speak