Singing Lessons

Singing Lessons

Sing Like Nobody's Watching

Belting out sweet tunes should feel amazing, hence the name "Vocal Euphoria".  My singing lessons help improve your tone, range, clarity, projection and tuning as well as stance, stage presence and body language. I teach you how to practice and perform by getting you out of your own way so you can find your true voice and conquer stage fright.

Perfect for audition prep, recording sessions, choir solos and live performances.

  • One-on-one Private Lessons
  • In Person or via Webcam
  • Beginner or advanced


highly recommend

“Carolyn coached me five years ago just before I went into the studio for the first time to do some recording with my band, and… Read more “highly recommend”

Fahrin Kermally

true methods

“Carolyn Thompson is a great voice coach. She’s genuine and uses tried and true methods to up your game. Something as simple as shaping my… Read more “true methods”

Tim Washington
Software Developer


“I am an inspiring actor and Improv / Stand Up comedian. I came to Carolyn to work on various aspects of voice and singing coaching… Read more “educational”

Ricky R. Singh

gain confidence

“Taking singing lessons with Carolyn was absolutely amazing. She helps you get over the anxiety of performing in front of people. She also teaches you… Read more “gain confidence”

Marin Toque

invaluable performance techniques

“Carolyn T is a powerful woman and an inspiring performer. Her vibrant,passionate presence is truly something not only to behold, but from which to learn.… Read more “invaluable performance techniques”

Meghan McMaster


“Thank you Carolyn for taking part in our 3rd annual “Woman’s Worth” event. (proceeds donated to Breast Cancer Research). The event is surrounded by so… Read more “engaging”

Mary Corrado
The Business Agents

awesome experience

“I look after my daughter’s young band, Lightning the Band. A group of shy youngsters with a serious love of music. I was desperately trying… Read more “awesome experience”

Celeste Segal
Lightning the Band
Mom/Band Manager


“I had the priveledge of meeting Carolyn at “A Woman’s Worth” Seminar. She was the key note speaker and she captured everyones attention from the… Read more “poise”

Lisa Creasor
Canadore College
mother of 3, Practical Nursing student

soulful voice

“Even though I have known her for a short time, Carolyn is a dynamic woman with tonnes of energy. Her soulful voice and confidence as… Read more “soulful voice”

Devonna Munroe
Master’s Student


“I was thrilled to hear that Carolyn was the key note speaker for the Woman’s Worth Seminar.  From the moment I met Carolyn, I knew… Read more “brilliant”

Moira Sutton
Life & Success Coach, Motivational Speaker, Author “8 Keys to Unlocking your Infinite Passion”


“Anyone for whom the voice is an important facet of their career should work with voice and performance coach Carolyn T. She has a  masterful… Read more “masterful”

Christine Saadé
Vocalist and Producer

world class performer

“Carolyn is a wonderful coach. She understood our client’s strengths and weaknesses in performance and completely customized the lessons for the client’s needs. Carolyn’s Open… Read more “world class performer”

Sunny Choi
A&R Department The Rodney Company c/o Sunny Choi

positive role model

“This summer, my 15 year old daughter expressed interest in getting vocal lessons / coaching. After thoroughly researching potential coaches online, Carolyn Thompson is 1… Read more “positive role model”

Elaine De Marzo-Robins, PMP
Rogers Communications Inc
Program Manager


“Carolyn T is everything you could want in a coach and a friend! Positive, encouraging but always challenging you to up your game and realize… Read more “inspiring”

Meghan Burton
National Money Mart
Student/ Customer Service Representative


“Warm, respectful, friendly, supportive and encouraging are the first words that come to mind when I think of Carolyn T.  She has the tenacity to… Read more “respectful”

Chris Hercules
Spoken Word Artist

awesome teacher

“I thought my first session would be my last because I was nervous but here I am I keep coming back for more. Carolyn is… Read more “awesome teacher”

Danidee Nailat

A great teacher

I am on my sixth course with Carolyn, and it’s been fun, and I have been learning so much. She is a passionate singer and… Read more “A great teacher”

Myriam Forcier


“First let me tell you what an awesome talent you are. Seeing you live at Harlem was a great thrill. And secondly, let me tell… Read more “mentor”

Fred Collis
Sales/rep. and musician

powerful tools

“I am so fortunate to have met Carolyn at one of her Open Jams at Harlem a couple months back. I jokingly told her that… Read more “powerful tools”

Danielle Sabourin
Real estate investor/entrepreneur/singer ; )


“Sweet lady, who has a real passion for singing! Also, you see a difference in your voice by the end of the first session. Impressive.“

Ashley Belmer

contagious energy

“Going to see Carolyn T. was the best decision I made as a new musician.  Her skills and insight as a coach are incredible!  With… Read more “contagious energy”

Anila Pant
Singer / Writer


“It’s been a hectic past few weeks but you have been constantly on my mind and so I am taking this time to say thank… Read more “grateful”

Kizzy Paris
Program Facilitator in Youth Work

create energy

“Before we worked with Carolyn, we know how to play but we didn’t know how to perform. She changed all of that. We now know… Read more “create energy”

Ken Goodwin
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Partner & Drummer of Winning Band “Bill’s Choice” of the “Big 4 Battle of the Band”Oct 2011


“Carolyn is an amazing vocal coach that has helped me feeling more comfortable on stage, she is really enthusiastic and charismatic with a really soulful… Read more “charismatic”

Rodolfo Silva

Singing Package Options

Info and Descriptions

1x 45min introduction session

Read more


Package of 3x 45min sessions

Read more


Package of 5x 45min sessions

Read more


Package of 7x 45min sessions

Read more


Package of 10x 45min sessions

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Package of 15x 45min sessions

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Package of 3x 45min sessions for you and a friend

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Package of 3x 45min sessions for you and 2 friends

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Customized workshops at your office, school or church

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Be patient with yourself and you will learn faster.

Humming is an excellent vocal warm up.

Wanna hit that high note? Try opening your mouth!

Be teachable.

Mumblers are never taken seriously. Open your mouth and people will listen.

You are never too old to learn to sing.

Stay focused on your goals.

It’s better to hit a wrong note than to make excuses.

You can only teach yourself so much before you hit a wall.

To loosen up, dance while you practice your song/speech.

Listening is equally as important as singing or speaking. Be teachable!

No one cares about your mistakes more than you.

Sing every day.

Use stage fright to your advantage. The more scared you are, the bigger you should be.

Stage Fright

Drink water. Stay hydrated!

To avoid vocal fatigue, warm up hours before your performance.

Bigger is better. Don’t hold back!


Relax, slow down, take your time and don’t rush. Less is more!

Practice everyday in front of a full length mirror.

Practice daily in the shower. The steam helps open up your sinuses.

Everyone has a talent. Many choose to ignore it.

Singing is storytelling. Singers are storytellers.


If you’re trying to think of what to say next, then you are not listening.

Focus on the message and stage fright becomes less important.

Smiling opens the sides of your mouth and helps with projection.

Have a cold? Drink warm liquids and rest before you perform.

When you perform, Smile! If you think you’ll look silly then consider what it looks like when when all you do is frown.


Listen to yourself. Appreciate the good, fix the bad.

Participate in open mics, karaokes, spoken word, poetry jams and improv.

Don’t stop just because you made a mistake. Keep going!

Exercise/energize hours before you perform. Run, swim, yoga etc.

It’s not about you, its about connecting with the audience.

If you are talking over someone else, then you are not listening.

To become a better singer, immerse yourself in music.

Singing Lessons Fees (Studio Sessions)

Package# of sessionsRegular PriceSale PriceSavingsBooking Deadline
Intro/Energize1x 45min$75$75$0Pay-as-you-go
Essentials3x 45min$225$180$4528 days/4 weeks
Enlighten5x 45min$375$275$10042 days/6 weeks
Elation7x 45min$525$350$17556 days/8 weeks
Euphoria10x 45min$750$450$30084 days/12 weeks
Educate15x 45min$1125$660$465119 days/17 weeks
Price Per Person

Singing Lessons Fees (In-Home Sessions)

Package# of sessionsRegular PriceSale PriceSavingsBooking Deadline
Intro/Energize1x 55min$150$150$0Pay-as-you-go
Essentials3x 55min$450$360$9028 days/4 weeks
Enlighten5x 55min$750$550$20042 days/6 weeks
Elation7x 55min$1050$700$35056 days/8 weeks
Euphoria10x 55min$1500$900$60084 days/12 weeks
Educate15x 55min$2250$1320$930119 days/17 weeks
Price Per Person

Singing Lessons
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