Round Table

Round Table

Conquer Stage Fright

Speak Like Nobody's Watching

  • Group Round Table Discussions
  • 3 to 5 people per session
  • Learn to speak at meetings
  • Ace that interview
  • Improve presentation skills
  • Strengthen communication skills
  • Conquer Stage Fright

Private one-on-one private sessions are available but not mandatory

Voice & Performance Tips

If you are talking over someone else, then you are not listening.

Stage Fright

Use stage fright to your advantage. The more scared you are, the bigger you should be.

Listen to yourself. Appreciate the good, fix the bad.

Humming is an excellent vocal warm up.

Don’t stop just because you made a mistake. Keep going!


When you perform, Smile! If you think you’ll look silly then consider what it looks like when when all you do is frown.

Participate in open mics, karaokes, spoken word, poetry jams and improv.

Listening is equally as important as singing or speaking. Be teachable!

Everyone has a talent. Many choose to ignore it.

Mumblers are never taken seriously. Open your mouth and people will listen.

It’s not about you, its about connecting with the audience.

Focus on the message and stage fright becomes less important.

You can only teach yourself so much before you hit a wall.


Bigger is better. Don’t hold back!

If you’re trying to think of what to say next, then you are not listening.

Smiling opens the sides of your mouth and helps with projection.

Relax, slow down, take your time and don’t rush. Less is more!

Stay focused on your goals.

Be teachable.

No one cares about your mistakes more than you.

Practice daily in the shower. The steam helps open up your sinuses.

Round Table

money well spent

“Words cannot describe how helpful Carolyn helped identify my weakness in speaking to the public. I was a complete mess in speaking to the public, i twisted my words, i over think what i wanted to say and was speaking too fast for anyone to understand me.The public speaking program with Carolyn helped me control… Read more “money well spent”

Houdou Dene


“She is amazing! she is fun, calm, and re-assuring. She makes you feel like you can kick your insecurities and be the performer that you want to be!“

Adrienne Johnson


“I was thrilled to hear that Carolyn was the key note speaker for the Woman’s Worth Seminar.  From the moment I met Carolyn, I knew we were kindred spirits!  She is passionate about life and has a bigger than life presence.  With her friendly and welcoming presence, she connects with her audience with ease and… Read more “brilliant”

Moira Sutton
Life & Success Coach, Motivational Speaker, Author “8 Keys to Unlocking your Infinite Passion”


“I had the priveledge of meeting Carolyn at “A Woman’s Worth” Seminar. She was the key note speaker and she captured everyones attention from the beginning. Her poise and grace and confidence draws you in, her talent and beauty keeps you there. She had people eager to volunteer for her vocal exercises, and she had… Read more “poise”

Lisa Creasor
mother of 3, Practical Nursing student
Canadore College


“Thank you Carolyn for taking part in our 3rd annual “Woman’s Worth” event. (proceeds donated to Breast Cancer Research). The event is surrounded by so much emotion throughout the day and as our keynote speaker you really did an amazing job with connecting and engaging our audience, adding humor and fun to the event. We… Read more “engaging”

Mary Corrado
The Business Agents


“As a voice coach, Carolyn Thompson was outstanding.  As a budding politician, she helped me enormously to better enunciate, pace my delivery and inject some emotional anecdotes into my speeches.   While I didn’t get elected in the October 2011 provincial election,  I did much better in the eight debates than I otherwise would have, due… Read more “outstanding”

Tim Grant
Green Party of Ontario candidate in Trinity-Spadina
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