First time registration is easy! Please follow these steps to sign up:

  1. Decide what you want to sign up for, Singing or Public Speaking
  2. New Students! Please call Carolyn @ (416) 421-0789 before you book (no txts pls)
  3. Determine if you require Private one-on-one Lessons, Group Classes or both?
  4. Open the and choose a package
  5. Schedule your session(s)
  6. IMPORTANT! Check, read and follow instructions in emailed booking confirmation(s)
  7. Payment options:
    1. email money transfer to
    2. credit card - visa/mastercard (after you schedule, you will receive an email to pay online via invoice)
  8. Prepare your:
    1. songs/presentation for intro session
    2. sheet music/speech for group classes

Sale Packages Rules:

  1. Packages must be prepaid in one payment
  2. All sessions in a package must be scheduled before the booking deadline
  3. If you cancel a session for any reason, a make up session must be scheduled before the booking deadline or:
    1. you will lose that session
    2. additional fees will apply (see below)
  4. 24hrs notice is required to cancel or reschedule a session.
  5. Less than 24hrs notice, and you WILL lose that session
  6. To cancel or reschedule a session, go to your emailed booking confirmation!
  7. Yes you can book double sessions (90min) by booking two sessions back to back.
  8. Yes you can book 2 or 3 (45 min) sessions per week!
  9. Be sure to leave at least one day between bookings to do homework and give your voice a chance to rest.

See Terms for more information

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