Vocal Euphoria Instructors

Only the Best

Here at Vocal Euphoria each instructor is a self-employed, independent contractor who is active in their field. We believe in autonomy and creative freedom. It is to the benefit of our students that we, the VE Instructors, continue to hone our talent in order to serve you better. We are all active in our individual professions as singers, actors, performers etc. This means we still go to auditions, work on film sets, attend theatre or band rehearsals, and perform shows. This helps us stay current and on par with the entertainment industry. If you are working with an instructor who is afraid or refuses to perform, then you may be working with the wrong instructor. Each of us are very different and approach teaching from from a variety of creative backgrounds but we love what we do and passing our years of knowledge and education onto our students is very important to us. We as instructors understand your fears and anxieties. Whether music is a hobby, or you want to deliver a powerful speech or you want to make entertaining your career, young or old, we are here to help you reach your goals.

Vocalist, Entertainer, Actor, TED Talks Speaker, Voice and Performance Coach

  • Specializing in singing and public speaking for teens/adults 13+

Singer, Actor, Vocal and Drama Coach + Music Theatre Guru

  • Specializing in singing and acting for kids 6-12 y/o