Word Speak

Conquer Stage Fright

Word Speak is where students finally learn how to defeat their performance anxiety and just speak! Public Speaking can be scary and its hard to find a safe space to learn how to deliver a speech/present in front of others. This is where you get to make mistakes. and be yourself, warts and all! Nobody is expecting you to be perfect. You will perform spoken word poetry, stories, speeches and presentations in front of an audience of fellow students, in a warm and friendly environment. Whether beginner or advanced, each Student Performer will receive feedback from me, Vocal Sensei Carolyn Thompson, on how to improve technique, performance and stage presence. Fellow students are encouraged to  give constructive, positive feedback and help each other grow as speakers.

Winter Registration is now OPEN!

master class
  • Do I need any experience? Nope.
  • Do I have to be perfect? Heck no!


Every Tuesday, beginning January 8th, 2019 7PM - 9PM
The Silver Mill 10 Dawes Rd, 3rd Floor, Toronto, ON M4C 5A7 (map)

  • Student Performers - $35 each
  • Audience members - $10 each
  • This class is for ages 13 and up
  • Limited Spots Available

Winter Schedule 2019:

Every Tuesday Except:

  • TBA

Discount  Available when you purchase a package of sessions

Ready to Sign Up?

  1. Complete registration process
    • You must register here and pay online prior to attending the class
    • No cash at the door
    • Check email for appointment confirmation
  2. Once registered please send fee via email money transfer to payments@vocaleuphoria.com or pay by credit card via invoice
  3. Check email for invoice
  4. See you there!
Due to the number of attendees, payments can no longer accepted at the door.

What to Bring?

  • A positive attitude
  • Water
  • Good sense of humour
  • Your voice 😉

Benefits of Word Speak

  • Overcome stage fright
  • Try out new techniques
  • Learn from fellow students
  • Present/Speak/Perform in front of an audience
  • Get feedback
  • Improve your skills
  • Keep it simple
  • Try out different ideas
  • Have fun

How to prep for Word Speak

  1. Come ready to speak
  2. Bring a positive attitude and willingness to learn
  3. Check a new theme each week
  4. Bring your spoken word poem, story, speech, presentation.
  5. Do your best to memorize, if relevant.

Schedule Here:

Word Speak

Teen/Adult Public Speaking Class
Group Workshop
Price per student

Package Regular Price Sale Price Savings Booking Deadline
- 1x 120min
$35 $35 $0 Drop-In/
- 3x 120min
$105 $90 $15 28 days/
4 weeks
- 5x 120min
$175 $150 $25 42 days/
6 weeks
- 7x 120min
$245 $175 $70 56 days/
8 weeks
- 1x 120min
$10 $10 $0 Pay-as-you-go

General Rules and etiquette:

  • Please be courteous and avoid calling, emailing or pming me (no texts) at the last min (24hrs). It takes alot of work and logistics to organize classes and workshops, so if you waited till the last min to get organized then I'm sorry but I can't help you. Be sure to read the emailed Vocal Euphoria Appointment confirmation and reminders for further instructions.
  • Arrive 15 min prior to workshop. We will start on time
  • Student performers can bring family or friends as guests. $10 each
  • If you are running late, no need to blow up my phone. Just show up!
  • See Terms for more info
Word Speak