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Public Speaking Lessons

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Speak Like Nobody’s Watching

“I’ve been a voice coach for 8 years and although I teach singing, I also teach public speaking. I am usually asked to help improve presentations for meetings or conferences. Most of my clients are in finance and IT but you may be surprised to know I’ve also coached teachers, university/college professors, fellow singers and musicians, entrepreneurs, engineers, actors, pastors, real estate agents, doctors, politicians and even a rabbi. You may be thinking that some of these people would be very natural at what they do and in some cases that is very true BUT, however, my job is to make them look and sound better then they did before in front of their audience or constituents or congregation no matter what the topic may be.”
“Some of my clients who have been speakers for years get a sudden onset of stage fright that throw them for a loop. I help many of them overcome this. How? Throughout the lessons I change their perception of that fear and remind them why they chose to do what they do in the first place. It takes some practice but it works. I also suffered from debilitating stage fright in the past which I talked about at TEDx Milton – I overcame my obstacles and I use what I learned to help others overcome theirs.”
“We live in a world where our devices have created a secure space for all of us to express ourselves without having to look anyone in the eye so when you actually have to communicate face to face with other people and be vulnerable, it’s a whole other ballgame. I fix this. I get you out of your own way. I’m a fixer and I love my job.”  Singer, Speaker, Voice and Performance Coach – Carolyn T


Public Speaking Lessons improve tone, range, clarity, projection, control, focus, confidence. Learn improvisation, stage presence, stance, body language, and how to think on your feet.

Prep for meetings, auditions, speeches, presentations and live performances. Get rid of stage fright and find your true voice.

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“As a voice coach, Carolyn Thompson was outstanding.  As a budding politician, she helped me enormously to better enunciate, pace my delivery and inject some emotional anecdotes into my speeches.  While I didn’t get elected in the October 2011 provincial election,  I did much better in the eight debates than I otherwise would have, due to the wonderful training sessions that Carolyn provided.” Tim Grant – Green Party of Ontario candidate in Trinity-Spadina

“She is amazing! she is fun, calm, and re-assuring. She makes you feel like you can kick your insecurities and be the performer that you want to be!”  Adrienne Johnson

Find Your True Voice & Conquer Stage Fright