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“Sweet lady, who has a real passion for singing! Also, you see a difference in your voice by the end of the first session. Impressive.” Ashley Belmer

“I thought my first session would be my last because I was nervous but here I am I keep coming back for more. Carolyn is an awesome teacher!”Danidee Nailat

“As a voice coach, Carolyn Thompson was outstanding. As a budding politician, she helped me enormously to better enunciate, pace my delivery and inject some emotional anecdotes into my speeches. While I didn’t get elected in the October 2011 provincial election, I did much better in the eight debates than I otherwise would have, due to the wonderful training sessions that Carolyn provided.” Tim Grant – Green Party of Ontario candidate in Trinity-Spadina

“She is amazing! she is fun, calm, and re-assuring. She makes you feel like you can kick your insecurities and be the performer that you want to be!” Adrienne Johnson