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Singing Lessons, Public Speaking Lessons and Workshops with TEDx Talks Speaker, Pro Singer, and Voice & Performance Coach – Carolyn T

“It’s been a hectic past few weeks but you have been constantly on my mind and so I am taking this time to say thank you SO much for helping Sanae prepare for her auditions and for the guidance you’ve given me through the process of booking her sessions with you. You have been such a beacon of light since I met you and seeing how well you and Sanae connected helped me realize why. I’m also grateful that the universe has made us cross paths so that you could be part of her journey. I always say, it takes a village…

I have reached out to a number of people (before meeting you and after) to work with Sanae and the alignment just didn’t happen. I spoke to about 3 people before I called you over the holidays and during each conversation, I kept seeing your face. And, so it was clear…I had to make a few sacrifices so I could cover the cost for Sanae to work with you. When we left your house, after the first session last week, Sanae said your singing “moved her insides” (I’m paraphrasing). She compared your singing to how she feels when she listens to music at a certain volume that just makes her want to dance and move. I smile thinking about her description. Sanae has her big audition tomorrow at Etobicoke School of the Arts (she had her drama audition for Cardinal Carter today) and I’m beyond excited and hopeful for her! She’s been talking about wanting to go to Arts school since grade 6. Imagine? I will let you know how the auditions go. Sending you lots of light! :)”  Kizzy Paris – Program Facilitator in Youth Work

“Carolyn coached me five years ago just before I went into the studio for the first time to do some recording with my band, and she was tremendous help as I tried to capture my voice and sound. Now that I have an opportunity to sing again – often and publicly, I knew I needed Carolyn’s help again. Her techniques and her style have helped me move my voice to new places, and more than anything else, she has helped me get out of my own way to let my style and talent shine thorough. I would highly recommend Carolyn to anyone who wanted voice or performance training – she’s the best.” Fahrin Kermally

“Words cannot describe how helpful Carolyn helped identify my weakness in speaking to the public. I was a complete mess in speaking to the public, i twisted my words, i over think what i wanted to say and was speaking too fast for anyone to understand me.The public speaking program with Carolyn helped me control my speech, identified my weakness and brought out the confidence in me. I will recommend Carolyn to anyone who wishes to find their inner voice and be comfortable speaking to the public. I cannot wait to start my next session.Money well spent.”  Houdou Dene

“I look after my daughter’s young band, Lightning the Band. A group of shy youngsters with a serious love of music. I was desperately trying to find someone who could coach them musically, as well as with respect to stage presence. Being pretty new to this “manager” of the band type situation, I didn’t know where to turn. A good friend suggested I contact Carolyn Thompson. What a session!! She got those kids who were almost too nervous to even speak, to actually start singing and moving. It was an awesome experience. She achieved so much with them is short time available. We were very happy with her abilities and the whole experience. I give her a huge THUMBS UP and 6 stars out of 5! Thanks Carolyn Thompson from Celeste Segal and Lightning the Band!” Celeste Segal Mom/Band Manager

“Taking singing lessons with Carolyn was absolutely amazing. She helps you get over the anxiety of performing in front of people. She also teaches you skills that make even total beginners ( like myself) sound better right away so you start to gain confidence. Carolyn is also extremely nice and friendly, so the lessons themselves are really fun. I’d highly recommend!” Marin T

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